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October 1, 2023

Kongsberg Digital (KDI) launches a maritime digital twin with Höegh Auto liners as its first pilot customer

KDI is expanding its offering of digital twins by expanding into the maritime industry. KDI is the industry leader in developing and selling digital twins for the energy sector. 

Digital twins open up new avenues for utilizing data and operational insights. Trim advisory, 3D representation of the ship, and situational awareness of the surroundings around it, including weather conditions, are the initial areas that the maritime twin helps. The Vessel Insight data infrastructure and its ecosystem of applications provide real-time data that powers the twin.

The goal of KDI’s holistic digital twin is to assist partners in troubleshooting operations, forecasting future performance, and, over time, enabling condition-based maintenance to reduce cost and operational downtime. The Kognitwin® framework, KDI’s digital twin for the energy sector, will serve as the foundation for the digital twin for maritime.

With the use of digital twin technology, new working methods, completely new opportunities for contact, and increased openness amongst various industry stakeholders are now possible. With the assistance of Delta Marine, Höegh Autoliners is KDI’s partner for the pilot with their car carriers.

 Delta Marine supports Höegh Autoliners to pilot the system using twins of its vehicle carriers.

“We are pleased to partner with Kongsberg Digital on this pilot for digital twin for maritime,” said Chief Operations Officer of Höegh Autoliners Sebjørn Dahl. He further added, “ The additional insight and more rapid and cost-effective vessel management provided by KDI’s digital twin will supercharge their environmental performance and enable future benefits faster. We already see benefits on trim optimization, but when we add the data around other facets of vessel operation, along with training and maintenance, we expect further benefits and savings to come thick and fast.”

KDI will strengthen this digital twin for maritime development in the next months by including new performance and visualization components.

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