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November 30, 2023

Maritime Green Corridors taking off – crucial stakeholders cannot be left behind

According to a new report released in November by the Global Maritime Forum on behalf of the Getting to Zero Coalition, activity in 2022 exceeded expectations in terms of progress toward the creation of Green Shipping Corridors, which are maritime routes connecting important port hubs where zero-emission solutions are supported and demonstrated.

But as the marine Green Shipping Corridors move closer to implementation, some important industry players will need to be involved as soon as possible, particularly cargo owners and providers of bunker fuel.

To close the fuel cost gap between zero-emission and fossil fuels, national governments’ policy support from the public sector will need to take on the task.

In conjunction with the first anniversary of the Clydebank Declaration, which saw support for the development of green shipping corridors from 24 nations, the 2022 Annual Progress Report on Green Shipping Corridors is released. These corridors will serve as a way to demonstrate and implement the zero-emission technologies required for the transition of shipping to zero greenhouse gas emissions.

The majority of maritime Green Corridor initiatives are still in their infancy, but the report examines their potential, evaluates their development, identifies their difficulties, and makes suggestions, particularly for advancing the commercial deployment of zero-emission fuels, ships, and infrastructure on promising routes. Prior research has shown that in order for shipping’s transition to go as planned, 5% of the fuels used on deep sea routes must be scalable, zero-emission fuels such clean ammonia, methanol, or hydrogen.

Jesse Fahnestock, project director for decarbonization at the Global Maritime Forum, emphasized that the report’s goal was to establish a baseline for further action.

According to Fahnestock, “Green Corridors have the maritime industry’s attention, and the amount of initiatives that have been launched in one year is genuinely exciting.”

All of these routes are just getting started, but as they advance toward implementation, this report can serve as a platform for tracking and sharing progress around the world. Some important recommendations for expediting action and enhancing impact have already been recognized by the report.

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